Mengaktifkan Konversi Mata Uang Crypto Pilihan menjadi Global Note melalui Platform CyberTrust

Crypto currency is a peer to peer currency. Of course this is a problem that can be raised from the many benefits. Therefore the implementation of crpto into the lower world for now is still a thing that is not menenagkan. For that we need innovation to solve the problem. To discuss today let's join us at CYBERTRUST that creates innovative financial solutions.


Cybertrust is a group of companies that have created innovative financial products to help all institutional investors engage in the crypto market today. Crypto Finance needs to be integrated with traditional capital sources and CyberTrust has the ideal solution: a crypto-based derivative called Crypto Notes (GCNs). CyberTrust offers a complete suite of services to enable crypto assets to manage traditional financial markets.


The substantial institutional investment plan into the Ethereum ecosystem is a good but not feasible plan Simply put, legal requirements, accounting constraints, tax laws, feasibility tests and the like make unrealistic investment deals for any large institutional investor. As for all this can be sorted into several aspects such as,

1. Risk of theft through cyber security breaches.
2. There is no judicial recovery process in case of error;
3. Clearing and payment risks are not normal;
4. Crypto currency does NOT own property

This project was created to solve these problems.


CyberTrust with a reliable team has created solutions by investing resources, time, and energy to create problem solving. The plan that we will do is

1. Change the crypto currency to a security claim.

2. Create a token to trigger the securitization process.

Here CyberTrust offers a major innovation: a token that can be used to increase the necessary securitization volume for a CAB S Token ('securitized secured scrypto assets').


CyberTrust will act as a traditional custodian bank for crypto assets. To enforce this matter, Cybertrust creates problem solution technology such as;

1. in-memory data grids (IMDG) for scalability and performance;
2. network isolation for private key security and sensitive data;
3. neural & machine learning network for fraud detection and violation;
4. high client account security with features such as multi factor authorization via SMS / voice / video and trusted addresses;
5. Easy to use integration with existing financial market infrastructure such as gateway to clearing and payment.


Token CABS CyberTrust menyediakan alat untuk menguangkan premi di atas dan akan dikeluarkan sebagai token standar ERC20 pada blockchain Ethereum, didukung oleh semua dompet yang kompatibel dengan ERC20.

The token has three roles:
1. Allow an accredited investor to purchase Token to securitize the main crypto currency up to a 35% + bonus on the current BIT premium. Effectively, ICO participants can pay a premium of only 6.3% for securitization of 1 BTC, compared to paying an 84% premium to Grayscale;
2. Provide broader public investment with tools to speculate on the size of this premium;
3. It forms the basis of a community to create and promote new artificial products and will in turn trigger demand for Token CABS.



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