BeEasy is a blockchain ecosystem designed for mining, trading, and managing cryptocurrency investments.


BeEasy is a key project for the international corporate group 'Cryptocompany'. BeEasy is an all-in-one ecosystem of interconnected cryptographic processing services such as mining, funding, exchange, charity, acquiring partner goods and services, and converting them into fiat, other dsn. BeEasy offers an all-in-one interface solution supported by one account user authorization. The integration of well-designed services and solutions enables BeEasy's product line to be accessible to professionals and beginners.
BeEasy's innovative 'know-how' solution provides the best relationship between different services and the interface with intuitive navigation for all user groups. BeEasy creates an unprecedented system of synergies and is not available to dedicated service users but is strictly segmented. BeEasy is also a complete ecosystem for vendors, offline stores, game studios, and charitable organizations that can leverage our products in their marketing efforts and outreach to users with API system integration.

BeEasy's mission
BeEasy has a mission to foster the development of a decentralized economy of blockchain and cryptocurrency networks by involving as many newly authenticated user groups as previously abandoned.

BeEasy holds an important value for each user group: BeEasy offers specialized goods and services, revenue sources, and the fulfillment of social responsibility to BeEasy non-professional users, while providing a flexible and clear tool for completing professional tasks.

BeEasy Products

BeEasy's products on EasyPool include components such as mining, client web, process monitoring equipment and management systems, intelligent mining management systems.

BeEasy introduces cryptocurrency exchanges that support the integration of merchant software such as MetaTrader, TickTrader and provides interfaces for brokers and merchants.

Virtual multifunction service
An all-in-one user authorization system that allows to navigate and manage mining, funding, exchange, charity, partner goods and services, and conversion to fiat.

BeEasy Ecosystem

The BeEasy ecosystem is a service group that has links to cryptocurrency mining, managing cryptocurrency portfolios, trading and converting cryptocurrency into various assets such as fiat currency, game currency, software licenses, discount bonuses and certificates for merchant products, internet shops and offline networks , and charitable donations
EasyPool Multicurrency mining site for mining management system.

EasyPlay simultaneously is BeEasy system module and client application for mass usage for 'mining stuff'.

BeEasy built a data center called EasyData here there is a data center to install high-performance equipment for calculation. Currently, there are more than 150 working units of mining work.

EasyTrade feature is a multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange ie stock trading, trading platform functionality will provide some of the following possibilities for professional market brokers and gamers.

EasyFund is our automated control system for managing liquidity through portfolio and trade management.
EasyCare is a module for interacting with charitable foundations. This module uses the functionality that suits the EasyPlay module. This allows cryptocurrencies to convert via EasyTrade and send it to a charitable foundation in fiat form.

ICO procedures and Token purchase conditions

BeEasy implement ICO program is divided into 3 stages of implementation. On September 15, 2017 BeEasy Launch of Early Bird program. Maximum program limit is 120 BTC The Pre-ICO process will take place from 15 October 2017 to 30 November 2017. For execution commencing on 1 February 2018 until 30 April 2018.

Price Token

In Early Bird Stage: 1 ETKN equals 0.005BTC, with 50% discount, 10 BTC barrier to enter.
For the pre-ICO stage:
For First: 1 ETKN = 0.01 BTC
For the second day of the first week: 1ETKN = 0.011 BTC
For the second Week: 1ETKN = 0.012 BTC
For the third Week: 1ETKN = 0.013 BTC
For the fourth Week: 1ETKN = 0.014 BTC
For Fifth & Sixth Week: 1ETKN = 0.015 BTC

In the ICO Phase
Same throughout the ICO phase: 1ETKN = 0.02 BTC
EasyToken Emissions (ETKN)
The project uses the Ethereum platform, the ERC20 standard
The total number of tokens issued is 250,000 ETKN. ETKN uses four decimals. The token price during ICO depends on the time of purchase, which ranges from 0.005 BTC to 0.02 BTC.


Year 2017
Second quarter 2017
· Project launch
· Launches GPU mining solution development 12
· Launches alpha pool version for Ethereum
· Client application for Windows
· Launching a "zero" phase data center
· Design and start building data centers

Third quarter of 2017
· Pool beta versions and Windows clients for Ethereal
· Availability of authentic 12 GPU mining equipment development

Fourth quarter of 2017
· Release project in GitHub
· Pre-ICO start
· Held a Cryptoprism conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia
· Termination of pre-ICO (token value sold totaling more than 1.5 million USD)
· Release beta for Ubuntu mining client
· Commissioning the first phase of the 1 MW data center
· Complete the data center for 10+ GHs

Year 2018
First quarter of 2018
· Start ICO in February 2018
· Road show project (South Korea, Japan, Singapore, USA, Europe et al.)
· Launch of the EasyTrade trial platform
· Launch of EadyFund foundation test platform

The second quarter of 2018
· Introducing robots for EasyFund foundation and trade management
· Launch beta version of EasyTrade beta
· Develop and introduce APIs for project partners
· Manufacturing equipment for data centers "mining cloud"
· Assigning a second stage data center of 2.5 MW

Third quarter of 2018
· Installing equipment for data center "cloud mining"
· Start selling hash "cloud mining" to the token owner
· Introducing adaptive client software for mining by user groups different

Fourth quarter 2018
· Expand the network of project partners
· Applying for an exchange license in Japan and meeting the requirements of       
  licensing procedures in Switzerland
· Assigning a third stage data center of 2.5 MW

· Development of the project further, expand the client database for all services
  up to a minimum of 10 million users.



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