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AKAIITO is a complex integrated platform in a single source, allowing you to live in the real world using a new currency, cardiac crypto. This is a unique opportunity to buy products, rent cars and apartments, use various services and specialist assistance, from the use of wisdom, through the use of cryptographic money. Strong platform based on the blockchain system, which works with technology.

The AKAIITO project can successfully repay the sale of the launched akaiito token to the target. AKAIITO will launch a Token with 30 million AIC tokens. For AKAIITO sales are 22.5 million AIC tokens. AKAIITO token sales will be split into two steps. The first step through ICO and the second through ICO. In Pre ICO tokens to be sold for 1 million AICs and for ICO 21.5 million AIC Tokens will be sold during ICO. Related to the sale of this token the token to be released depends on the price of the ETH or Ethereum level. In every case overcome the transaction through confirmation and closed. In order to assess the seller's positive, the seller's value should not be less than 7 points out of 10. Every 5 positive things not less than 7 points gives an opportunity to expose to sell more expensive products, with the principle of 5 points = 5 AIC for the maximum allowable price for goods sold.

Positive value for users can also be obtained through sales. Sellers must charge lower prices for their products and ratings and positions positively and want to sell without restrictions, there is also an option to deposit and freeze funds in your wallet on our platform. The minimum deposit amount is 500 AIC. The deposit will be released proportionately 1/10 for the price of each item sold (if the score and revision are in accordance with the positive standard of AKAIITO: 7 out of 10). Deposit is released upon successful closing of agreement: when the delivery QR code is scanned and revisions are made. In other words: all the deposit tokens will return to your account, when the required positive ratings level is reached.

Through this brief description it is seen a bit too difficult to endgin the positive qualifications of the seller, but by looking at this of course to know the quality of product service of AKAIITO is very important. With this new platform we are happy for every user to be happy to be loyal to the AKAIITO platform. With such good and strict criteria our system that applies decentralized systems will not change. This is true for managing user relationships and maintaining the pace of development on the road. It is also useful for building a trusting relationship between everyone who is together and around us.



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