Digital currency is very fast growing. The corners of the world have known a variety of digital currencies. Many people look at the pros and some refuse. They have a systematic view of their currencies on digital currencies. Actually in the use of digital currency is very effective and efficient because of their technology. Banks worldwide this year have begun to learn about blockchain technology. They hope to adopt blockchain technology with minimized risks. Innovation continues to be created along with the progress of the times. Reviewing it there is a company they run a big project. The company will create a group of cryptocurrency banks by acquiring banks in various countries (US, Canada, Brazil, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Turkey, India, Japan, Australia) to serve cryptocurrency customers. The project is called the World Bit Bank or bank that serves the crypto legally.

Clearly World Bit Bank established in 2018 they founded this company and have obtained license of fiat currency exchange and license of wallet digital currency service. Instead of simply standing up, they have been doing technical development by researching innovative financial technology and blockchain technology since 2016. World Bit Bank companies that will become banks that provide services in the form of cryptocurrency loans, the use of cryptocurrency in VISA / MasterCard debit card, easy transfer and cheap and exchange cryptocurrency and many other financial transactions. World Bit Bank juaga engaged in services such as leasing; insurance; fund cryptocurrency.

World Bit Bank comes with good offers and solutions. The World Bit Bank (WBB) project offers a new solution developed from blockchain technology and related to 5G financing, on several aspects such as:
- Absolute transendering;
- Immediate transactions;
- Funds are always under the client's control. Client's funds can not be handled    without the client's consent;
- Transaction fee is low or zero;
- High security thanks to cryptography;
- API with open source code;
- Full transparency of sources and movement of funds between accounts;
- Authentication;
World Bit Bank will use Blockchain Transboundarity technology where later Bank ecosystem as registry for interbank transactions.

World Bit Bank implements know your customer (KYC) is done because it is used to check the identity of the client. On the way it is often a comforting thing. World Bit Bank will create a database of client documents. This client data can only be accessed by a bank part of the World Bank Bit and private blockchain will be created for this purpose. With blockchain technology will be created perpetual files that can confirm the identity of the client.

In some matters of remittance there is often a misuse of the flow of funds. Delivery of funds will be a very complicated affair because of the latest money laundering initiative (AML). World Bit Bank using the blockchain base can simplify things through creating a list of transactions that can not be destroyed or altered, thus providing evidence of where the money came from or where the money was transferred.

Some banks provide payment solutions with letter of credit. This is meant to provide security to both parties but this takes several days, but the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts (in blockchain ethereum) in World Bit Bank can speed up and automate this process. Buyers, sellers, and banks may interact with letters of credit under the following smart contracts:
- Requesting the terms of the contract,
- Confirmation of commodity shipments,
- Payment confirmation,
- Confirm the transfer of the commodity by the seller to the shipping company,    check the confirmation, etc.
The money transfer between bank accounts is done automatically when the smart contract receives confirmation from the bank and the shipping company. All transactions with smart contracts are signed by the public key and listed in the block chain of the World Bit Bank ecosystem

When you think about World Bit Bank why do you need to give attention to this project. This will be answered in the text below. World Bit Bank will provide benefits such as:
- Debit Card
World Bit Bank will issue a VISA debit card. The World Bit Bank debit card will support most cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum (including ERC20 standards).
- Speed
Unlimited instant payout in cryptocurrency, this will be integrated in the NFC application; QR; ApplePay; AndroidPay. WBB Wallet mobile app. WBB Mobile Banking. Integration with third-party payment systems like PayPal, PayTM, etc.
- Cost
Low cost for transactions and withdrawals.
- Overall, reliability
Cryptocurrency is entirely legal that can be used for business and pay taxes.
- Exchange
Perform online currency exchange transactions, including with cryptocurrency (buy and sell cryptocurrency)
- Access
Real-time payments anywhere in the world.
- Security
Highest security of customer's digital asset storage.
- Transparency
Access to the entire history of events (monetary transactions).

To fulfill its mission World Bit Bank held fundraising through ICO. They introduced the Wibcoin tokens (WBB) based on the Ethereum blockchain, designed as public cryptocurrency for everyday digital services, such as payments, currency exchange, value maintenance. Wibcoin (WBB) will be the account unit of all transactions in the World Bit Bank ecosystem and will serve as a basis for interaction with other digital services. Like any cryptocurrency, Wibcoin (WBB) will trade on the cryptocurrency exchange. The Wibcoin Token (WBB) will be sold on the Ethereum public blockchain as the ERC-20 standard. Ethereum blockchain is the standard for issuing digital assets and smart contracts. The ERC-20 standard allows to deploy standard tokens that are compatible with existing infrastructure from the Ethereum ecosystem, including development tools, wallets and exchanges.

Fundraising through ICO has been running World Bit Bank sells Token Wibcoin (WBB) made based on ETHEREUM platform, ERC-20 standard. Their minimum target is 667.61 ETH while for the maximum target is 33,380.51 ETH. Wibcoin (WBB) tokens will be issued. For Purchase:
- For purchase of 100 - 500 Wibcoin tokens, 10%
- For purchases of 500 - 1 000 Wibcoin tokens, 15%
- For the purchase of 1 000 - 5 000 Wibcoin tokens, a bonus of 20%
- For the purchase of 5 000 - 10 000 Wibcoin tokens, 25%
After ICO, World Bit Bank customers will be able to obtain various services made in the World Bit Bank ecosystem, which will provide more opportunities for business.Opportunity to conduct transactions in cryptocurrency at each point of sale, Attracting funding for the project or its own business by offering digital assets in the form of bonds. Participation in stock auctions, Conducting transactions at low cost, and All classical banking services using cryptocurrency not only do that Individuals and corporate clients purchase Wibcoin tokens (WBB) worth between 1 and 10 ETH, and more than 10 ETH, will be offered additional bonus in form of free debit card (VISA or MASTERCARD).

Through these features World Bit Bank will become a digital banking platform like a currency bank today. Long-term plans continue to be implemented in order to achieve target World Bit Bank. Their plans have been clearly visible on their roadmap:
IT Vitsolutions, LLC, for mobile application development and financial technology, was founded.
The team of banking experts and software developers gathered. Work on the Bitcoin World project begins.
Contract intent to buy bank in Europe signed.
27.12.2017 - 26.04. 2018
Meeting with investors and project presentations for venture capital funds.
Formulation of project concept.
27.04.2018 - 27.06.2018
Conducting PRE - ICO and raising 25 million euros for purchases of existing banks in Europe.
Preparation of documents for purchase of existing banks in Europe.
3Q 2018
Buy a bank in Europe. Development and commissioning of Bitcoin World software products.
Preparation for ICO World Bank Group World Bit.
4Q 2018
ICO and Wibcoin token sales (WBB) to purchase 9 banks in various financial jurisdictions around the world under the Bank Branch Banking Group.
Rebranding bank to World Bit Bank.
Buy 9 banks in various financial jurisdictions around the world under the Bank Branch Banking Group. 
Rebranding bank to World Bit Bank.

The World Bit Bank project has a professional team in the sectors required for project implementation: experts in cryptocurrency, banking, blockchain technology, transaction processing, online marketing and economics. The following is a list of the names of the founders of World Bit Bank.
Founder - Igor Romanenko.
Over twenty years of successful managerial experience as senior directors and executives in private, public and strategic companies. Extensive experience in planning, financial management and assets.
Banking & VP Specialist - Nikolai Miroshnik .
Co-Founder of "Vitsolutions", LLC - Vlad Romanenko
CEO of "Vitsolutions", LLC - Maksim Boyko.
Banking & VP Specialist - Vasily Solovyev. 
Project Manager - Tatyana Soldatova. 
SMM Specialist - Semyon Lazarco.
Manager of SMM - Kseniia Deina.
Developer Central - Eduard Sadontsev
Cyber Security - Matt Mark.
Lawyer, Banking Specialist - Alina Sysa. 
Crypto Trader - Illia Bandura.

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