1st financial marketplace as a DAO- PayPro

In the future where Intelligent Contracts will be used for many of our daily activities, such as using decentralized computer power, trading or insuring cars, we believe it will also be decentralized. On the other hand, the user will need a new form to store the goods because. All tokens coming from. And the goods needed. This wallet represents all individual crypto and liability assets.

PayPro is a decentralized bank created to deal with new ecosystems where values are seen in new forms thanks to smart contracts. PayPro is a decentralized financial market where dApp can post its services. PayPro is also developing a Wallet where users can save Crypto and ERC-20 tokens.

For PayPro users, users will be able to store ETH, BTC or GAS, and use the market to invest in the crowdfunding platform, as well as the shares received from the investment are in the form of tokens and stored in PayPro. As a result, all individual crypto and liability assets will be represented on PayPro.

PayPro sangat percaya bahwa PayPro tidak memiliki hak kepemilikan atas dApp. Jika tidak, esensi dari dApp akan rusak. Dari 100% token yang diedarkan, PayPro mendistribusikan 40% dari jumlah tersebut pada ICO. Kepemilikan dApp didistribusikan lebih jauh kepada peserta dengan keterampilan yang lebih beragam dan diintensifkan untuk memberi kontribusi yang bermanfaat. Juga, mereka yang menghargai token yang ditransfer paling banyak bersama mereka melalui kekuatan pasar. Hal ini akhirnya mempromosikan pengembangan dApp lebih jauh oleh orang-orang yang dapat membantu di banyak bidang keahlian yang mereka miliki. Oleh karena itu, PayPro mengerti bahwa tugas kami adalah secara progresif melepaskan kebijaksanaan tidak hanya saat PayPro membutuhkan dana, tapi juga selama masyarakat bersiap untuk itu.

Incomplete Terminology Guide ", a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a set of properties and a protocol for a set of individuals autonomously residing on the Internet. Although PayPro aims to make PayPro autonomous in the sense that token holders will have political rights, PayPro can not sort it as DAO: The reason is that PayPro does not have internal capital.

PayPro understands that the core functionality of PayPro must be the capacity to store currency values and spend it. Otherwise, there is no point in saving the value if it can not be used. Therefore, we have built the first banking platform.

PayPro will accept most forms of crypto currency. Ethereum usage will allow users to store at least 100 of the most used currencies in daily transaction volume. Of course, PayPro Token will be our primary currency and will be easily exchanged for other currencies. So far, we've developed an iOS app that makes it possible to store BTC

On the one hand, users will be able to use their PayPro Token, and also known as PYP to buy any service in the market. These services will range from loans or investment loans. Once a user wants to use their PYP, a token will be received and stored in the application as a result of the use of the Smart Contract

Name: Token PayPro
Symbol: PYP
Pre-sale Period: January 8, 2017 to January 15, 2017
Pre-sale Time Minimal Investment: 15 ETH
Bonus Pre-sale: Bonus up to 35%
Main Sale Period: January 15th through January 31st
Left Main sale Minimal Investment: 0.5 ETH
Bonus Main sale 24 hours first: 20%
1 week 15%
2 weeks 10%
Exchange Rates 1 ETH: 500 PYP
20,000 ETH limit (Hard Cap) or EUR 5,000,000.00 depending on the exchange rate.
Currency received: ETH
Benefits of Token Holders: Right of Decision & Economic Rights
% of Tokens sold: 40%
Nationality Participants Everyone except Singapore, Estonia and the US due to legal restrictions or state trade sanctions agreed upon by the US.
Distribution Token


PayPro team compiled a work plan that is poured with a travel plan that is structured as below.


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