Need a solution to answer all the discomfort and safety especially in terms of parking. For this time I will explore the solution of the problem of perpakiran with platform blockchain yag called PARKGENE. PARKGENE is a product that provides solutions on an easy and secure way to find parking spaces, connect drivers, individuals and businesses. Parking is a necessity for vehicle owners and wants their vehicles parked on the premises, where it is easy to reach. PARKGENE delivers technology that will provide solutions on parking issues. PARKGENE follows Blockchain technology with Decentralized systems. PARGENE will provide new safe, convenient parking lot and of course using new technology in a crowded city and very rare land.

PARKGENE will utilize all the land that is not utilized. PARKGENE will integrate P2P peer to peer technology with the integration of existing parking technology. PARKGENE works those who own the parking lot will be able to list and sell their premises directly to the first and efficient parking drives, safe, and cheap. PARKGENE will issue a GENE token as a payment tool. More details. The driver finds a parking spot using the App and places it, using a GENE token from the wallet, or purchases it in real-time. Reservations are equipped with absolute security and transparency using blockchain. When the parking session is over and the driver leaves the parking lot, the smart contract distributes GENE tokens to stakeholders.

In the system works PARKGENE has an application called PARKGURU where this application is available at https://parkguru.com/. PARKGURU in cooperation with the providers of parking on the street and in the parking lot. PARKGURU will remain focused on providing off-street and off-street parking, sourced by municipalities and professional parking (garage) operators, while PARKGENE will be a new product focusing on efficient, decentralized peer-to-peer parking.
Briefly that:
PARKGURU will continue to work with professional parking lots and municipalities to provide and park on the street and off the street.
PARKGENE will target a decentralized peer-to-peer parking market between individuals.

In its development PARKGENE has a very nice ungulan features like
High Parking Cost Reduction
Parking fees will be greatly reduced through applications provided by PARGENE
Reviews and Trust & Ratings - Incentives and Bonuses
PARKGENE offers a bonus system that drivers and parking owners receive to perform certain actions within the system: identification process, detailed description of the parking lot, adding photos, writing reviews.
PARKGENE appreciates the security of the owner of the parking space (which provides it
access to their place) as well as the drivers who parked their car. There is
some steps we've taken to manage all these security issues.

To issue a product, PARKGENE publishes a GENE token in ICO in a fundraiser. GENE Token will be sold in return for Bitcoin, litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ether and USD via transfer. GENE token holders will be able to use tokens on the PARKGENE platform to purchase parking services or other people's services that will receive a GENE token as a payment in the future. GENE Tokens (GENE) will be issued in limited quantities of 1,000,000,000 Tokens and as long as Sale Tokens 35% will be available for sale in crypto pay. Buyers may participate in the sale of Tokens by exchanging Ether or Bitcoin. GENE Tokens (GENE) will be distributed to buyers to the Ethernet Wallet after the sale of GENE Token expires.

GENE Tokens are created based on the Ethereum block through smart contracts. GENE token details are as follows.
• GENE (GENE) - Signs of ERC20 with limited release
• Blockchain: Ethereal
• GENE (Basic Prices of Token Sales) = $ 0.10
• Total GENE: 1,000,000,000
• Token Sale Hard Cap 350 million GENE
• Accepted form of payment: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH and USD, The ICO sales period is ongoing and will end on March 19, 2018.

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