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Ubiatar inc is a company that offers patented technology and applications & software that enables UbiatarPlay projects. Ubiatar gives people the power to go anywhere, because Ubiatar believes that exploration is freedom and life is interaction.
Ubiatar does this with modern cellular technology, converting to the avatars of the willing people helping others improve their full potential. Ubiatar believes that human beings are much better than robots and good will is stronger than computers. Ubiatar provides easy and honest employment opportunities to anyone, anywhere. Ubiatar helps people overcome their physical limitations to see and experiment wherever, any culture, any interaction. Makes mankind better and every individual becomes a better human being. Ubiatar is the only technology that provides a real solution for the ancient dream of mankind To have power everywhere, or instant transfer to any place. Ubiatar has seen this 'power' portrayed in many productions, especially teleportation devices on TV shows and 'Star Trek' movies.

UbiatarPlay will become a peer-to-peer market of ubiatar services. Ubiatar provides power everywhere with modern cellular technology, on top of high performance platforms. The starting point is a normal smartphone owned by a local individual (the Avatar); Everything that is seen and heard by Avatar is sent through the network to Person in home which in turn directs Avatar so that he acts as his remote body. Instructions provided with a revolutionary GUI (Graphical User Interface) are superimposed over the live video stream. Avatar and Usars will meet in the UbiatarPlay marketplace, such as the publisher ofer apps in the Apple Store and Google Play to customers around the world.

Ubiatar has some service elements that have never been given by other pltfor such as:
1. Avatar
An "Avatar" is a person who does not like his physical presence for hire.
2. Usar
"Usage" from home / business is the paying customer to control the Avatar and
direct him wherever he wants, to do everything he wants Used (as long as Avatar does nothing with it). Usar sees and hears everything, so it's like being there physically.
3. Ubiatar inc
Ubiatar Inc is a US company in Silicon Valley that has developed its base of technologies, applications & sofwares and cloud-based platforms worldwide that support this advanced telepresence service. UbiatarPlay AG has signed a contract with ubiatar inc which enables it to create a standard market where the service will be sold in a decentralized peer-to-peer mode.
4. UbiatarPlay 
UbiatarPlays is the market owner where Usars will find the Avatar, discover who they are, what they do, and where they outrank them. The platform will be the center of the UbiatarPlay initiative and will work in a way that is very similar to the well-known Apple Store and Google Play markets, where app publishers meet customers who want to install / buy. Revenue from the market will be used to fulfill UbiatarPlay's mission: making the Ubiatar Token value increase in the fastest and largest way while providing honest employment opportunities to people around the world.

How does this system work? Avatars can be a generic telepresence service in that place where he is (soon) or in a range around the ore or more places (soon or in the future to choose from.) Users hire an immediate Avatar or book him for the future on the Avatar calendar.
Value exchange is in ubiatar coins, not fat money. In this way payments are decentralized, secure, indebted and do not exclude anyone for reasons of discrimination, poverty, incompetence or other problems that prevent people from rising to their true potential worldwide.
Platform ofers a Ranking System, similar to popular platforms like Air b & b, Uber, eBay and many others. It publicly records user scores based on reports from other users who interact with them, so all Users assess all Avatars performance and vice versa. Each Usage can check the Avatar rankings to decide whether and how much confidence. Each Avatar can check Usage rank before accepting a job. Marketplace ofers personal page for each user, where the picture and description of the grim / requested service are explained. This 'social telepresence', HumanEmpowermentNetwork °, will be an entirely new environment, where people from all over the world will meet, discuss and talk about virtual voyages and telepresence opportunities.
Platform architecture
The ubiatar network is a cloud-based system, autoscaling, cutting-edge peer-to-peer based on the Amazon Web Services data center. Amazon is one of the largest and most reliable cloud computing providers with the same worldwide data center supporting Amazon's business operations. Uninterrupted, reliable and potentially without limits processing, this system is a perfect choice for services that must support and coordinate millions of users worldwide, exchanging high quality low level audio and video streams with low latency, even if in a peer-to-peer fashion.
UbiatarPlay Market manages contacts between Usars and Avatar. When two parties agree to start a session, the cloud platform sends the requested service using a dedicated server to investigate and set up the best digital connection between the two colleagues. All networks and architectures in each layer along the specific path between them are automatically detected and forwarded by the most effective and low delay way. This is very difficult when corporate networks, proxies and frewers are involved. The software that has been developed automatically evades from complex barriers that avoid the need to open ports and channels on the user's device. Development of high performance based apps
UbiatarPlay: 50.5% is blocked and will unlock in this way: 2% three months after ICO, 4% six months after ICO, 6% nine months after ICO, 8% twelve months after ICO, 10% eighteen months after ICO, 20.5% twenty four months after ICO. These resources will be used to pay Avatars in the UbiatarPlayLiveBroadcastWorldwide phase, for research&development and for marketing & promotion. Founders: 12% is blocked and will unlock progressively starting 12 months after ICO; the
total will be reached 24 months after ICO. Presale: 16.5% is blocked and will unlock progressively starting 6 months after ICO; the total will be reached 12 months after ICO. Advisors: 6% is blocked and will unlock progressively; the total will be reached 9 months after ICO.

More Info 
Whitepaper: white-paper-3-0.pdf

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